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Here’s A Safer And Faster Method To Liposuction

Considering getting traditional liposuction? Well, if you are, you might want to reconsider because, with the amount of pain and downtime you go through, traditional liposuction isn’t worth it.

You see, if you go through traditional liposuction, you’re not going to be back on your feet and to work for up to two weeks and two weeks is a long time to be out of commission. And most activities considered strenuous are off-limits for up to a month.

A month!

That’s a huge chunk of time that you’ve been unable to work, move around, and even work out! And that’s more than just a hassle when you consider everything you’d be able to do at that time and all that you’ll be missing out.

But what can you do? If you want the quick and impressive results that traditional liposuction gives you, you have to take the good and the bad and the bad, in this case, being a month or more of restricted living.

But now, there’s another option one that puts much less of a strain on your life.

SmartLipo is a new process using a system of lasers to give the same results of traditional liposuction, but with fewer side effects, and a much faster recovery. How much faster, you ask?

Well, the recovery process of SmartLipo is much easier and starts right away. Directly after the procedure, the patient is taken to a recovery room. There isn’t the nauseating, disorienting feeling that many get after traditional liposuction because SmartLipo only needs to numb the specific area, not put you to sleep entirely.

Most patients are able to go home within an hour of completing their procedure and are sometimes given a prescription for a light pain medication, along with compression bandages. The compression bandages encourages blood flow while preventing clots, and are key to a speedy recovery.

Several visits to the office afterward are needed, of course, to ensure that the patient is healing properly and while it’s almost natural to push these appointments to the side, these are vital to having healthy, scar free results.

And it’s about that simple during the first few hours of leaving, you’ll experience very minor bruising, and numbness to the area which you had the surgery too. That will go away within hours, leaving you with a bit of swelling. Within a week, your swelling should be completely gone. And you’re done!

SafeLipo has been proven not only to be incredibly safer, as it reduces the risk of scarring and infection but extremely faster. You can cut nearly all of the recovery time of traditional liposuction, and experience the same results if not better!

Safer, faster, and easier, and chances are, you can get it done in your area. Why would you ever want to deal with traditional liposuction?

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